Calm Focus in 5-5-5 easy steps

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Try out this process an essential life coaching tool
( I usually start most sessions with this) as it really focus’s the mind on right NOW.

This is about FULLY engaging your senses in what is happening RIGHT NOW

SIGHT + SOUND + FEELING……one sense at a time

  • Take your time – anything from 2 minutes up to 10 minutes – ( recommend 3 times a day )
  • Just be aware, only say what it IS ( its a leaf) not an ugly leaf or it reminds me of ….
  • Spend a few moments just experiencing the item you hold in your awareness
  • Start with noticing one thing you can SEE ( about 10 to 30 seconds each item) then
    move your awareness to 4 more things you can see out there in the real world, one by one.
  • Then the same with 5 things you can hear.
  • And finally 5 things you can Feel ( As in what’s happening in or on your body your eyes blinking, chest breathing, Skin coolness or heat,
    pressure of body pressing on furniture / floor etc

Now ask yourself – how do I feel emotionally compared to before I began this?

Usually more calm and centred most people experience.

Maybe go over it again a couple of times if you have time.

The next level of this is to ask your self to remember and enjoy remembering

Your positive traits and skills.
Skills you have leaned and celebrate them.
Your ability to love.
Times when you have found a creative solution to a problem
If in sales –
How you felt getting the contract / sale
How you felt enjoying discussing the item being sold
how you felt when you made the appointment
What was it about the person you dealt with that made it easy
Your sense of humour.
The time you chose to do something and was 100% sure if was the right thing to do
In the past you may have focussed mainly on what went wrong. All of this tunes your mind toward your skills attitudes and solutions inside you.

Notice this exercise is simply helping you to consciously move you focus and stay focussed on what you have chosen. Many people with emotional issues have lost sight of this simple ability.

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