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Free weekend in our training centre


You will have recieved the Prospectus by email,
Soon we will contact you to answer any questions and clarify any points.

On Succesful completion of a video interview or phone call,
you may be offered a place to train for FREE on MODULE ONE of the Diploma.
( Obviously there is no obligation to accept our offer )

After Completing the Free Weekend of MODULE ONE you may apply for the Full Training.

G.H.R Accredited training course.

DIPLOMA in Clinical Hypnotherapy

Take our "FREE taster foundation weekend" Module ONE

Get on the waitlist for our next intake in 2024


A full weekend of complimentary training.

Our Free weekend is Module ONE of the full Diploma of TEN MODULES.

10am to 5pm Saturday and Sunday

Subject to availability:

After completion of a foundation weekend,
you may make an application for the full diploma training to be considered.
You may then be invited to continue on to the full diploma accredited training
Our Costa del Sol training is delivered live in our dedicated training centre.

This is an in person G.H.S.C.  G.H.R accredited training course.

FIRST - APPLY FOR YOUR FREE TRAINING and receive our prospectus and be early on the waitlist for our next FREE training.

Sandie Ashing

Stuart Ashing

Master Practitioner in NLP and Hypnosis
Presenting supporting modules

** Applicants must be over 21 years old.

We are currently looking for caring, companionate individuals who love helping people: Perhaps you are already helping with an alternative form of therapy and would like to add to your skill set, or maybe you’re just interested in what really makes people tick

Our tutors will introduce you to the amazing power of the mind. Lots of laughter and lots of interesting information, and of course live hypnosis demonstrations.
You will even get to hypnotise one of the other students for the very first time.


Are you looking for a rewarding NEW career?

Or simply interested in learning more about the Amazing Human Mind…

Take this Opportunity to learn more about Hypnosis…

A life changing training with our Accredited training course.

Submit your Application NOW for a PLACE on our Introduction Weekend to a Diploma in Clinical Hypnotherapy.

Limited Places Available.


Fascinated by the Human Mind?

Curious about the Power of Hypnosis?

We are NOW Inviting Applications for a PLACE on our Free weekend of Clinical Hypnotherapy Training. This weekend can give us both the opportunity to see if the full Diploma Training is a good fit for you.

Your Free weekend of Hypnotherapy Training is a first step to learning how you can use Hypnosis to benefit yourself, your loved ones and people who can benefit from your help, during these difficult times.

AND What better way to find out if our full Accredited Training in Clinical Hypnotherapy is right for you.
By finding out more in our prospectus of that training.

This is an ideal time to train as a Hypnotherapist, and make a huge positive impact on your life, your loved ones, and others, as we emerge from the many challenges of recent times.

A life changing opportunity for you, on a personal level or even on a professional level and possibly a rewarding and successful business doing something you love


Find out more details about the FULL Diploma Training

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