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Here are some of the best and effective Self help tips

We see these as emotional band-aids.

Probably not the final solution but one step to take the edge off along the journey.

Always follow advice from your doctor.


First STEP – Watch 3 Simple powerful video tips to ease anxiety or stress anywhere you need them.

Reduce anxiety with peripheral vision

Peripheral Vision

VIDEO 1 of 3

The comes from Hawaiian warrior training so we believe

How to calm the mind with breathing

Breathing Patterns Calm the mind

VIDEO 2 of 3

Sometimes the simple things are what really works

333 In the now

3-3-3 How to be here and now and calm.

VIDEO 3 of 3

These easy steps we use to get CALM CLEAR and FOCUSSED Every day without more complications or babble…

Sandie Ashing -Relax in to Confidence

Complimentary Hypnosis AudIo

This hypnosis audio is specially written and recorded by Sandie Ashing.

To relax you and boost a calm confidence.

It has all you need to start the journey from stressed out, drained, anxious, or overwhelmed, to more clarity and confidence.

Because of the mind body connection, sometimes we get overwhelming feelings. Or our feelings seem ok, but our body may be inflamed by long term stress.

Do you Need more than these tips?

We offer a free discovery call to assess and advise how you could best be helped.

There are also a range of hypnotherapy audio titles in our shop

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Who is not suitable to work with us?

We would usually recommend alternative services in these instances:

  • Diagnosed with severe personality disorders
  • Hypnotherapy may not be appropriate for a person who has psychotic symptoms, such as hallucinations and delusions
  • Someone who is using very high levels of street drugs or alcohol.
  • Those without conversational English.

What are our fees?

Because everyone has a unique story, and individual needs vary.

We quote fees only after a free initial consultation.

We have a range of services to draw from to suit you:

  • NLP 2 day Breakthrough to your life
  • Clinical Hypnotherapy
  • Group session –
    Weight-loss on Zoom with Hypnosculpting.
  • Personalised sessions
  • Quit Smoking in one session.
  • Insomnia – Sleep deeper to wake energised and refreshed!