How to Calm Anxiety - Video 2 - Breathing right calms the mind

“The Easy Steps We Use To Get CALM CLEAR and FOCUSSED Every Day Without more Complications or Babble…
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Real breathe.

Everybody says I know how to breathe. Do you know how to breathe to just lift some stress out of your system? Have you ever had those moments where maybe you’ve had a stress or anxiety attack and your breasts get so short?

Let me show you a really simple technique.

It’s called diaphragmatic breathing, which is a long technical term for it, but this is a simple way to help all of that stress out of your body. You need to stand or sit straight. The reason we’re doing this is because your lungs go all the way down to here. And if you’re on him or sitting straight, we’re gonna fill the whole lung. You also need to do this with a big smile on your face. There’s a reason for this, and I’ll tell you this one in a moment You’re going to breathe in for the head count of four.

You’re gonna hold it for the head count of seven.

And slowly let it out for the head count of eleven. I don’t actually have enough fingers for that. So My head count, you can breathe with me, or it breathes your own thing. Sit, stand straight, big smile, breathe in through the teeth. Ready?

And again, One more time power of three.

What we’ve just done is we’ve just oxygenated the blood. We’ve taken so much wonderful oxygen in, and we’ve held it in our lungs just for that little extra time. Time enough for it to go through the walls of the lungs into the red blood cells. Those red blood cells are busy running up and down my whole body touching every organ including my brain and microdosing it with oxygen.

That’s what you want. The reason that we’re doing it through our teeth, is it makes your lung expand when you breathe in? And if you’ve got that big smile on your face, little chemicals in your brain are also setting off. It makes you feel better. If you do this little exercise, every time you see your favorite color, do it three times, three times the charm, just like we’ve done. And you’ll find that any of those panic attacks, any of those anxiety attacks, that feeling of, We’ll just melt away.


Who knew?


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