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During this complicated time we have had to adjust our services and opening hours.


Most of our services are now available either in person or via video depending on your preference.


We have strict spacing and sanitation procedures and policy in place for clinic appointments and home visits, so we can continue to keep everyone safe.
Details here 

If you have any questions or aren’t sure which service is best suited to your needs. Either book a free discovery call below. Or our Client Care Coordinator, is available via Phone, WhatsApp or email to help you get to the best place with the best person as quickly and easily as possible!

Additional information and other updates are on our website and our Facebook page.

Discovery call appointments are free.


Being in “Lockdown” creates extra frustration and tension.
Being able to relax SOMETIME and deeply to re-charge the mind and body, is essential for quality of life and your immune system. 

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We invite you to a confidential space, 
in a phone or video call leading to clarity. 
Clarity on how to manage todays uncertainties at home and work.
Especially extra pressures on your energy and finances.
You will create the next steps for you, a clear path,
and how grow beyond your old lifestyle or habitual thinking. 
to transforming into an even more extraordinary life
that will serve you even better now
and beyond the current pandemic.

It begins with a call.
Even though we both know this may seem scary to some.
You know it makes sense to discover your best options.

Read below the types of issues we help with frequently.

Everyone is unique.

Most frequent requests with Stuart Ashing :

Master Practitioner in:
NLP, Timeline Therapy, Hypnotherapy

Also Certified by the PGA Professional Golf Association for NLP coaching.

Most frequent requests with Sandie Ashing :

Practitioner in:
Clinical Hypnotherapy & Psychotherapy.
NLP & Timeline Therapy

Licenced Hypno Slimmer Therapist
And Virtual Gastric Band Therapist

Stuart Ashing

Stuart Ashing

Master Practitioner - NLP - Hypnosis - Timeline Therapy

You can work with me online while many including my family are easing out from Lockdown.
My area of speciality is usually working with people who know themselves well, have a sharp mind and know change is possible with help and want it now.

Those who simply wish to make a rapid change in attitude or habits and want results as quickly as possible. Without eating into their precious time and move toward specific outcomes.

These results are usually of high value to them, emotionally, financially or both.

Most clients prefer to have a phone or video call first to discuss their current situation, and how I may help. When possible, some prefer to meet in person first to get the measure of each other.

Is this you? Then pick an available time in my diary and I will call you then. Usually up to 30 minutes is enough and sometimes longer if we need it. Either by phone or video call, as you wish.

I am open to questions by Whatsapp for your first contact if you prefer.
+34 667448040

Sandie Ashing

Sandie Ashing

Clinical Hypnotherapy

I love helping others to create a new reality that before they only imagined possible, using my skills as a professional clinical hypnotherapist & psychotherapist. Change is possible through a few gentle relaxing deep hypnotherapy sessions, the issues resolve and unwind, and the sparkle comes out or returns. The power of the subconscious mind helps to reinforce permanent, magical life changes.

Whatever you need help with, or perhaps you’re just feeling lost? Book in for a free initial consultation. Lets get to know each other. Find out what you need in a safe space, and see if clinical hypnosis can help bring back your sparkle. So choose the best way for you. 

Either call me direct on +34 952490003
Or leave me a message on whatsapp +34697362969
Or book a time for me to call you in my online diary below.

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