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Imagine illuminating your LIFE!

For people who want control of their life and choice. So choose.....
Stop reading now because its easier.OR Get some answers to your situation.

Established in Spain since 2005.

Lux is an English team of leading specialists delivering rapid personal growth. With a splash of quirky well travelled sense of humour to grease the journey! 

We help you through life’s transitions. You can have tailored solutions to remove or adjust unhelpful or excessive thoughts feelings, or behaviours.

All so you can be free to look back and laugh about it! Its true.



  • Clinical Hypnotherapy
  • NLP – Neuro Linguistic Programming
  • Time Line Therapy®
  • Coaching

Who is not suitable to work with us?

We would usually recommend alternative services in these instances.

  • Diagnosed with severe personality disorders
  • Hypnotherapy may not be appropriate for a person who has psychotic symptoms, such as hallucinations and delusions
  • Someone who is using high levels of street drugs or addicted to alcohol.
  • Hypnosis would be used for pain control only after a doctor has evaluated the person.

WhAT are our fees?

Because everyone has a unique story and individual needs vary for a course of treatment, We quote fees only after a free initial consultation.

We have a range of packages to suit budgets and level of service:

  • NLP 2 day Breakthrough
  • Clinical Hypnotherapy
  • Fast Phobia Cure
  • Group weight-loss on Zoom
  • Individual weightloss sessions
  • Hypno Gastric Band
  • Quit Smoking in one session.


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Our therapists have a reputation for

We offer you a clear path to your best self.
All without endless appointments.

Confidential appointments

  • All our therapists and coaches are English.
  • IN PERSON appointments – Marbella Clinic
  • ONLINE GLOBALLY by Zoom video – Most session types.
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Wendy Sherwood
Wendy Sherwood
12:24 19 Jun 21
LUX have really helped me to shed some pounds an drop more than one dress size without the need for pills potions or starvation diet. Not only do I look and feel better but Sandie also managed to get me my sleep pattern back. After 25 years of living on 3-5 hours each night I now sleep for 7-8 hrs like a baby. Very professional, Sandie is full of hints and tips to ensure you get the best results. I totally recommend 100%. Thank you Sandie for all your help. XXX
Julia Geerkens
Julia Geerkens
16:54 05 Apr 21
I had a wonderful experience at the clinic. I have been working with Sandie for months to help my anxiety and heal negative subconscious thought patterns. She helped me so much to change my beliefs and feel better, have more energy and be happier bringing me closer to the person i wanted to be! I strongly recommend this to anyone who is interested in hypnosis or any alternative therapy - truly life changing 😊 Thank you!
Susan Bee
Susan Bee
14:09 04 Aug 20
Absolutely thrilled with the treatment I received from Sandie. I have suffered with food intolerancies, anxiety and just recently IBS so when I I found Lux Therapy on Facebook I was a bit sceptical to tell the truth and thought I would never feel "normal" again. Sandie has helped me enormously, so much so that I can honestly say that I do not suffer from anxiety nor IBS today. I'm relieved I don't have to take any medicine at all and noticed the difference from our first session. Her audios, which I listen to every night, prepare my subconscious mind to overcome all the issues I had been suffering from for so long and seriously affected my every day life. I cannot thank her enough for helping me and definitely recommend Lux Therapy Clinic to anyone who needs treatment.
Caroline Delaney
Caroline Delaney
18:54 25 Jan 18
I went to see Stuart for deep anxiety related issues, brought on by a stressful and very demanding job. Usually, I would have been able to manage my work environment but 10 months earlier I'd had major surgery, so my body was still in recovery. Stuart made me feel completely at ease straight away and allowed me to talk freely, through my issues with no judgement. Stuart was a great facilitator in my healing process and road to recovery. Thank you so much Stuart.
Paul Scotton
Paul Scotton
18:08 12 Jan 18
Stuart really knows how to get deep into your mind and resolves any personnel issues you have. He delves very deep in to your past and finds out what is holding you back. Highly recommended as I have had many success stories from friends and colleagues who have been very happy with the results.
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IF YOU ARE CURIOUS enough to look for answers


We invite you to a space with as much privacy as you need to see if we are a good fit for your individual needs.

In our free discovery calls we start to clarify what you do want in your life.
and discover what really needs to change.

Then offer you some options.

Together we create the next steps for you, a clear path,
beyond your frustrations, unhelpful habits, perhaps feeling lost,
looping thinking, or beating yourself up with negative self talk.

Imagine stepping into an even more extraordinary life.
One that serves you, and those around you with more vibrancy and lightness.

It all begins with deciding its time to talk and explore your options.

You probably know that  already.

The actual possibility of more freedom, choice and flexibility
is waiting for you to take one step.

Is it time for you?

Most people don’t like the idea of not being in control of their life. So choose?
Stop reading now because its easier.OR Get some answers to your situation.
Stuart Ashing

Stuart Ashing

Master Practitioner - NLP - Hypnosis - Timeline Therapy

I love helping people BREAKTHROUGH inner friction and frustration for peak performance.

You can start to have the results you seek! Faster than you could imagine possible with coaching or intensive our intensive NLP 2 day breakthrough Program.

You probably know the compounding costs of NOT solving issues. The cost of NOT eliminating habitual limiting thoughts and feelings or attitudes.

And only a fool would not want that mindset shift now!

I find your linchpin! The difference that makes all the difference! The filter that has been distorting your reality and blinding you to your highest potential and power.

Not sure if I’m right for you?
Google me!

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Sandie Ashing

Sandie Ashing

Clinical Hypnotherapist


I love helping others to feel themselves again. Especially  letting go of excess stress.

Some people just need relief made possible through a course of a few gentle relaxing deep hypnotherapy sessions.
The issues resolve, unwind, release, and the sparkle returns.

Whatever you need help with, or perhaps you’re just feeling lost? Book a call for some confidential advice. Lets get to know each other. Find a safe space inside.

Clinical hypnotherapy can help bring back your sparkle in mind and body.

Either call me direct on +34 952490003
WhatsApp – click to message, +34 697362969
Or book a time for me to call you in my online diary below.

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FREE Hypnotherapy AUDIO

Free Hypnosis Audio

This audio is by Sandie Ashing. We have almost 100 titles available on Amazon Audible and in our shop here.

Challenging times create extra frustration and tension.
Being able to relax SOMETIME and deeply to re-charge the mind and body, is essential for your quality of life and your immune system.
Download instantly –
Please share this link with friends workmates and family that could really use it.

We are regular source of inspirational interviews for Marbella, Costa del Sol and International media.

 Available for presentations in Corporate organisations, business networking, Schools, and Non Profit Organisations.

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