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Our therapists share 30 years experience.

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We offer you a clear path to your best self.
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We invite you to a space with as much privacy as you need.

Clarity on what you do want in your life.
How to manage pressures on your personal relationships, energy, or finances.
Together we create the next steps for you, a clear path,
beyond your frustrations, unhelpful habits, perhaps feeling lost,
or looping thinking.
Imagine stepping into an even more extraordinary life.
One that serves you, and those around you.

It all begins with a short 10 minute call.

You know it makes sense to explore the best options
and the possibility of that freedom, choice and flexibility waiting for you.

Stuart Ashing

Stuart Ashing

Master Practitioner - NLP - Hypnosis - Timeline Therapy

I love helping people reduce inner friction and frustration for peak performance. You can start to have the results you seek! Now.

You like me probably know the compounding costs emotionally, financially, and in drained personal energy by NOT eliminating habitual limiting thoughts and feelings. And only a fool would not want that mindset shift now!

I find your linchpin! The difference that makes all the difference!

I am open to questions by Whatsapp for your first contact if you prefer.
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Sandie Ashing

Sandie Ashing

Clinical Hypnotherapist


I love helping others to feel themselves again. Especially  letting go of excess stress.

Change is made possible through a few gentle relaxing deep hypnotherapy sessions, the issues resolve, unwind, release, and the sparkle returns.

Whatever you need help with, or perhaps you’re just feeling lost? Book a call for some confidential advice. Lets get to know each other. Find a safe space inside.

Clinical hypnosis can help bring back your sparkle in mind and body.

Either call me direct on +34 952490003
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These times create extra frustration and tension.
Being able to relax SOMETIME and deeply to re-charge the mind and body, is essential for quality of life and your immune system. 
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