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Helping people live a lighter life and all their energy focussed where they want it.

Your life can be even more extraordinary than it is now.
Whether you want to improve one specific area or habit in your life
or breakthrough the glass ceiling holding you down from your full potential.
We combine to give you the best of our abilities, and close the gap between your dreams and your current reality.

Unwinding issues has never been so easy. Allow the LUX therapists to transport you to a more relaxed, invigorated or calmer you.

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Stuart Ashing

Thirty plus years of experience in Neuro Linguistic Programming NLP, hypnosis and personal development. Private Consultations and keynote motivational speaker. Always learning! Even now! With a background in business TV and theatre, this is an eclectic mix.


Stuart specialises in two day 1 to 1 intensive “breakthrough programs” for professionals and those who want a specific issue resolved quickly. Career progression, relationships, life direction. With supporting coaching for ongoing personal growth also in person, by phone or video calls.

Stuart is focussed on clients who know themselves really well and may have already done some self help work by courses or self study. They are usually the type of people with a natural smart quick mind and have excellent results in many areas of their lives.

Recent Clients include: 

  • Career – High level job interview nerves
  • Career – Executive Stress and relationship issues
  • Stage fright – World Media interview nerves
  • Flying – Global business travel.
  • Public Speaking – Leadership

A master practitioner in

  • NLP (Neurolinguistic programming)
  • Hypnotherapy
  • Timeline Therapy

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Sandie Ashing

So much more than just a very user friendly Hypnotherapist. Many years of helping people grow using her charm and magical attitude in theatre productions, in schools, turning classroom tears into playful effective learning, and bringing communities together.


Sandie has excellent results with clinical hypnotherapy.
Much of her natural transformational story telling has made her practice a place where clients feel they have been fully heard and change is on its way from the first session.

Sandie is open to clients who are committed to having their life change and this is usually:
One initial free session to know you and your situation.

Followed by one session per week over four weeks, sometimes six weeks.

Recent clients include:

A practitioner in Clinical Hypnotherapy

Licenscd HypnoSlimmer Therapist
nd Virtual Gastric Band


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Most emotional or behavioural problems can be rapidly overcome with hypnotherapy, NLP, or coaching.

The same methods that can take you from low to GO, can take you from GO to excellent.

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