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Like many others you probably arrived here looking for help with a specific confidential issue.

Life Coaching Marbella

Need regular coaching in your career, business, relationships, health ?

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2 Day Breakthrough

Want all your mental clutter gone and get all your energy fully focused forward?

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Anxiety & Depression?

Do you want to be free from anxiety, panic attacks, or depression?

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Addiction Obsession?

Starting to realise its not the answer? Smoking, Alcohol, Cocaine, Gambling, Food?

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We are a regular source of inspirational interviews for local and international media.

Media interviews
Most emotional or behavioural problems can be overcome with hypnotherapy, NLP, or coaching.

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The most frequent requests for help are listed first:

Around the Marbella, Costa del Sol  area, we are able to offer a bespoke individual treatment, with care in your own home, our clinic, or hotel accomodation for international visitors.

Many enjoy having sessions away from it all here in Marbella, or near an idyllic Spanish village with views out over the countryside.

Working alongside your current health professionals. Confidential, exclusive treatment, assured.

Children respond very well. Obviously under 18’s must be accompanied by a parent or guardian.

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I found it hard to keep my brain working when I started presenting Marbella TV. The nerves seemed to take over as soon as I was in the studio in front of the cameras. All the intelligent things I had to say in my mind just didn’t make it to sentences from my mouth. I confided in Stuart and I found that after I felt more confident and was concentrating more on what I was doing and not worrying about how I looked doing it! Since then I’ve also consulted him a couple of times, and can only highly recommend him to others too… he certainly has and does help me. Thank you Stuart xx Nicole King

Radio and TV Presenter, Marbella Radio & Television

I have experienced his masterly skills as a life coach which has made an incredible difference to my daily life.

I am very much in the public eye at Cudeca events and have many productive years of meet and greet, Stuart helped me to address some fundemental quirks that have been preventing me from living to the full and be as productive as I knew I could be.

Stuart Ashing the founder of Lux, is an active supporter in events & raising funds for Fundación Cudeca. Carlos White

Events organiser, Fundación Cudeca - Cancer Care Hospice

I had 3 sessions with Stuart as I was a very poor sleeper. I had tried several different techniques and nothing seemed to work for me.

I found Stuart to be very professional and understood my problems and got to work straight away. The sessions, although were an hour or so in length, seemed like 10 mins as I was totally relaxed.

After the first session, my sleeping improved greatly, and with my follow up sessions it has improved even more. I would not hesitate to recommend Stuart’s services. Paul Isaacs


"Doing what you have always done, and expecting different results could be classed as insanity!" Albert Einstien

Perhaps its your time to open up your possibilities now and grab your freedom.

You are a unique, one of a kind.

So speaking to you as an intelligent, self aware, self directed adult, who just desires to find answers, and navigate important emotional or habitual blocks.

You have come to the right place.

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