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Reduce anxiety with peripheral vision

Full Day

Hypnosis Workshop

Acknowledge and Rescue Your Inner Child: 

With Sandie & Stuart Ashing

10am to 6.30pm Saturday 4th May 2024

Overlooking the Reservoir La Viñuela.
Near Los Romanes

Subject to availability:
10 places only 

Registrations open now

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Sandie Whatsapp – +34 697362969


You can heal what you can feel
There may be tear (tissues include) There will be laughter. (Lots of it)
We are excited to be hosting our amazing life changing work shop for the 5th year.
Why is it for you?
– Struggling with your life?
– Feeling lost or overwhelmed?
– Feeling stuck because of your past
– Unexplainable pain, emotionally or physically
What will you get out of this experience?
– Magical life changing metamorphosis
– Heal your body, mind and heart
– Reconnect with your true self
– Forever friendship with like-minded people
Have you ever wondered why you:
– Crave for excitement
– Laugh at silly things
– Sulk
– Crave for sweets
– Feel like having a go with a child’s toy
– Feel the urge to go on the swings in the park
Or Why those unexplained pains just won’t heal
Why you sometimes feel stuck or why you self-sabotage ?
Well it’s simple; it’s that little girl/boy inside of you.
Some adults find it difficult to do these things; this comes at the expense of being happy and contented. If we feel silly expressing certain emotions or feelings, we suppress them, this can then lead to inner conflict, resulting in confusion, depression, in-decisiveness and often prevents us (the adult us) from feeling happy and content.
This year we will be our stunning new location North of Malaga, overlooking Lake Vinuela. The landscape of the mountains, the tranquillity of the country side, and the uninterrupted views of the lake itself, topped off with the energy of our magnificent villa.
The atmosphere and energy is so calming and beautiful here and we are so happy to be sharing it with you.
This unique and enlightening workshop is probably one of the most demanding and most fun workshops that you will ever attend, and will undoubtedly enhance the quality of the rest of your life.
Together, we shall explore your child within.
We will rescue any wounded children in a safe and effective way.
Resulting in a startling and magical metamorphosis which is both enlightening and life changing.
Over the day we shall hypnotically visit the four critical stages from birth to puberty, we will help you locate, save and set free your wounded child.
What will I need to bring?
If possible we would like you to bring with you 4 personal photos, these may also be on your phone if you don’t have the paper version.
We will be visiting four critical stages from birth where we as children have the potential to suffer damage.
The stages we shall be exploring today are:-
• 0 – 9 MONTHS OLD (infant)
• 9 – 18 MONTHS OLD (toddler)
• 3 TO 5 YEARS OLD (pre – school)
(we also understand that through circumstances you may not have access to some of these, so we do have a work around)
We will supply coffee, juice, water & biscuits.
Bring a pack lunch and snacks if needed.
If you have one, you may like to bring a yoga mat.

PROGRAM… currently planned for Saturday May 4th 2024
10.00 Arrival: Getting to know each other
10:30 Part I – let’s begin. The birth of your journey
12.00 Part 2 – Learning to walk again
14:00 Lunch Break
15:00 Part 3 – Every days a new adventure
17:00 Part 4 – final destination
18: 30 Time to say “haste Pronto” to us, and hello to the new you.

We invite you to join us in a luxury villa overlooking Lake Vinuela.
WHAT’S included:
We will supply all the material needed plus
Coffee, tea, water & soft drinks are available throughout the day
WHATS NOT included:
Lunch is not included; An area will be set up to eat.
Please bring a pack lunch (snacks) with you.
WHO is running this weekend?
Meet Sandie Ashing & Stuart Ashing.
Husband and Wife lead therapists and trainers from Lux Therapy Clinic.
Sandie Ashing is a professional clinical hypnotherapist & psychotherapist. She is also the GHR accredited trainer in Clinical hypnotherapy for Andalucia and Gibraltar.
Sandie won Outstanding Therapist of the year for two years in a row and was awarded the title of “Mental Wellness ambassador for Spain” for the World Wellness Weekend 2023, later that year she happily accepted the official badge of Wellness champion 2023.
She will be leading this workshop:
Sandie will be guiding you into and out of relaxing, deep hypnotherapy sessions throughout this workshop. Holding your hand every step of the way through your journey.
Sandie underwent her own Magical life changing metamorphosis when studying this workshop. “The best way to learn something is to experience it” You will hear more about this during the getting to know you on the Saturday Morning.
Stuart Ashing is a clinical hypnotherapist & psychotherapist; he is also Master Practitioner in – NLP & Timeline Therapy.
Stuart has been in the hypnosis business for 30 years. He is the founder and director of Lux Therapy Clinic in Marbella. Stuart has worked all over Europe, traveling as far as Egypt and Goa University in India.
His main passion is delivering high impact one on one breakthrough days with his business clients, and also on stage presenting and informing audiences about the myths, mystery’s and benefits of hypnosis and NLP.
You will definitely be hearing more of Stuart’s story.
Stuart is the workshops wing man and will be assisting along the way.
Together they will be combining their talents taking you step by step through this magical journey.

HOW MUCH is it for this “life changing “workshop?
Your total investment in yourself is only 300 euros per person.
Contact Sandie to confirm there are places available. Then simply follow her instructions:
Deposit payable upon booking 50 euros.
Balance 250 euros to be paid in full on or before 22nd April 2024
BUDDIE DISCOUNT save 25 euros each from the full when you book together with a friend (3 pairs only)
50 euro discount:

Book your place before 20th March 2024, Deposit 50 euros. Balance 200 euro to be paid in full on or before 10th April 2024

Places are limited: 10 persons Max

Prices include snacks and soft drinks during the day
Prices do not include any accommodation, flights, transport or meals.
In the unlikely hood of hosts need to cancel the event Deposits are refundable:
Your hosts are
Sandie and Stuart Ashing
Lux Therapy Clinic.

Reduce anxiety with peripheral vision

Free taster Weekend
– Clinical Hypnotherapy 

With Sandie & Stuart Ashing

10am to 5pm Saturday and Sunday

Subject to availability:
Some Spaces Available – – October 2024

20 places only 


After completion of a foundation weekend,
you may make an application for the full diploma training to be considered.
You may then be invited to continue on to the full diploma GHR accredited training.

Registrations open now


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We have regular Zoom video events and Live events around the Costa del Sol + Gibraltar Area.


Zoom video events

We would usually recommend the following

  • a good set of headphones to attend especially those with suporting music and  guided meditation.
  • Set aside some private time and inform others around you so you can relax and focus
  • Pets may be better in another room.

Live in person group events

We have a range of regular events to suit you:

  • FREE – Walking Hypnosis – Costa del sol Locations
  • FREE – Clinical Hypnotherapy – taster weekend
  • Group sessions – Hypnotic facelift
  • Group program – Hypno-sculpting Weight-loss on Zoom with Sandie Ashing.
  • Public speaking
    – Keynotes, custom trainings, Motivational  

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