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Coaching = Good questions = ACT NOW

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Jul 25, 2014

Coaching = Good questions = ACT NOW

by Jul 25, 2014

business-coaching-maybe02b-bgCoaching is designed to assist YOU to to find your solution to the problem or frustration you face.

Only you need to know what you are thinking about.

the questions assist you to find your answers.

Without judgement or imposed values.

In personal sessions I help you answer the questions silently without judgement.

I find these questions combined with my training are sometimes all people need to start making powerful decisions and ACT upon them.


The Questions are very useful to focus and lead your mind into solution seeking areas, resources, and other perspectives outside your own current situation.

My role in sessions is to guide the process and for accountability. Without judgement.


What is it you would like to discuss/ponder?
What have you done so far?
What effect did that have?
What is happening at the moment?
Who else is involved (directly/indirectly)?
How do you feel about this situation?
What has been working for you so far/not working?


What could you do to change the situation?
What is the most courageous step you could take?
What options are available to you?
Anything else?
What option would you like to act on?
What are the benefits of taking this action?
What would success mean to you in this endeavour?


Who might be able to help you?
What do you think is the right thing to do?
What would a wise old friend suggest?
What is your gut feeling? (instinct)
If you can sort it out any way you wanted to, how would you do it?
At your very best, what qualities, attributes and capabilities do you bring to the situation?
On a scale 1-10, how confident do you feel about doing x?
If below 10, what would make you feel more confident?


What will be your next steps?
Precisely when will you take these steps?
What or Who might get in the way?
Who can give you support?
How will you get that support?
When precisely will you speak to them?
Who will/can give you feedback on your progress?
Ownership and Win Win Performance:

Desired Outcome:

Not methods
Identify what is to be done and when and agree with your coach


Specify parameters within which the outcome can be accomplished.
(In Business coaching – this may include policies, procedures and regulations.)


Identify the human, financial, technical (or business) support available to accomplish the outcome.


Set and agree the standards of performance and the time of evaluation.
People can also evaluate themselves.


Agree with coach/mentor the action steps.
The stepping stones (milestones) for achievement.


What does and/or will happen as a result of the evaluation and actions?
List the possible negative and positive, natural and logical, consquenses for achieving or not achieving.
People manage themselves within the framework. The coach becomes the first assistant.

Win Win Agreement:

The Coach and the coached make a performance agreement.

Soul Food:

The coach and the coached agree timelines for soul food, and a continuous feedback mechanism.

Next Steps:

Coach and the coached agree next steps. Diary or journal action steps is advised / agreed.



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