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Fear of Flying?

Fear of flying can be resolved very quickly these days. If flying is something you tolerate and get stressed out over and relaxation is valuable to you. Give us a call to discover...

Helping Kids Addicted to Technology

Our children were taught to use computers tablets and mobile devices at a very early age. This has been seen as a good thing because the world as we know it now would grind to a halt if technology was taken away. But how much internet and xbox type gaming is too much...

Brooke Shields – Depression

“If you think you might be suffering from any kind of postpartum mood disorder , or are aware of some preexisting condition in your life that could lead to it, DO NOT WASTE TIME! Get help right away… Don’t be ashamed and don’t disregard what you are feeling. It is...

Mel C – Anxiety

“I was getting a bit nervous. My anxiety was getting to me, I was getting a bit nervous. I was hypnotized to calm me down and it worked.”

Adele – Stage Fright

Why suffer when you have all the resources you need to have help? In 2012 Adele has some intense hypnotherapy sessions to overcome her stage fright