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May 10, 2017

Nicole King MARBELLA NOW (RTV Marbella).
Meets Stuart Ashing VIP Coach and Hypnotherapist.

What happens in a personal session with Stuart.
Also how can you walk on fire and not get burnt!

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The methods of Hypnosis, NLP, and Time Line Therapy® are for allowing more freedom flexibility in your life. That’s all. you will always be you, only the unhelpful behaviours or emotions will disappear or be used for constructive purposes.


ABH American Board of Hypnotherapy certified Hypnotherapist, NLP & Time Line Therapy®
I have been involved with Hypnosis since 1987. When I first experienced Self hypnosis, to help me with stress at work.
Since then in 2005 I trained in Hypnotherapy and Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) and timeline therapy.
Most emotional or behavioural problems can be overcome with hypnotherapy, NLP, or coaching.

I have been asked to help with the following.
The most frequent requests I have listed first:

– Personal and business coaching
– Limiting beliefs – Blocking personal growth, income, relationships
– Weight adjustment
– Addictions – Quit smoking – Cocaine – Alcohol – Gambling
– Phobias: Flying – Dentists – Surgery – Public speaking etc
– Hypnotic Gastric Band
– Anxiety & Stress management
– Pain management – Phantom limb pain – Chronic Pain management
– Insomnia
– Habit breaking – Nail biting – Teeth grinding
– Obsessive Compulsive Disorder O.C.D.

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