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RECONCILE SELF SABOTAGE and Choose your own adventure!

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A two hour session.
Go until done. Usually around six to eight hours.

Options for this are:


Time is precious for you. 

Even before the Corona virus and all the new problems it has presented to solve.
The usual option of numerous visits to a therapist and the travel time added to that would have made getting help even more frustrating and distant.



We deliver your Breakthrough Sessions in one chunk over two days.
And supported by inclusive personal tailored coaching for an agreed period beyond as required.

This is a definitive review and reboot of your old core story in to your new story, updated or new beliefs, with aligned energy.

This is an excellent investment in your personal value
and in terms of life quality, effectiveness and progression.

So you can be your best self even more of the time!

this not for YOU IF.....

  • If you think you can fix this on your own.
    Or Because you prefer looping through inconsistent results.
  • If the reason for change does not have enough value or meaning for you. Financially or emotionally.
  • If you are regularly using significant levels of non prescription drugs.
  • If you believe change comes without taking consistent action toward your goal.
  • If you do not see you have a problem.
    But most people seem to believe you do, and you are unwilling to explore that inconsistency


  • When your reason for change has a high financial or emotional value.  A Glass Ceiling Financially or heated relationship issues.
  • When you have an idea what is blocking you and have enough self awareness of that feeling stuck, or high stress / guilt / anger /sadness /fear. enough aware to get help.
  • When most of your previous self help, or ineffective professional help, has not been enough and left only frustration and putting it back in the box for later, and this is now no longer an option.
  • When you have a specific aim that is beyond you current level of success and resources.

This service is DELIVERED person to person

online by secure Zoom video call.

Or AT OUR CLINIC in Marbella.

Why ?

Why invest in having a breakthrough?

This is your opportunity to review and dissolve a life time of key personal energy draining mental blocks, beliefs, and limitations, that stop you from being, doing, or having what you want in life. 
An opportunity to make fundamental profound changes within hours or days. Not months or years!
Providing you follow our guidance you will get those results.

It is important that you will get more value from this breakthrough than the fee.

So you have nothing to lose except the old blocks! And everything to gain.

Our level of fee is there to ensure you understand we are totally committed to assist you achieve your results, and require the same level of engagement from you.

What ?

This is a very intensive, very personal, and confidential one to one session, over 2 days with a Master Practitioner in NLP ( Neuro Linguistic Programming ) Hypnotherapy and Timeline therapy.

This service is online by secure video call.  Or 1-2-1 in Marbella.

We deliver the tools, techniques and strategies that have been used to facilitate immediate sustainable change in presidents, governments, CEO’s and large multi-billion dollar organisations.  

Day one : 
A two or three hour meeting. Plus 2 hours personal study.

Day two : 
The Breakthrough
We start and go all day until done.
Beyond :
We have give personal regular followup with an agreed action plan with an agreed number of included support hours.

More details of the breakthrough day are below.

How ?

Your mind has the ability to change, update, and learn. This is called neuroplasticity.

Every new learning that becomes automatic is wired in to your brain.

For example – That new awesome restaurant and how to get there! Those new business rules and consequences. The new speed limits or police camera location!

The energy of emotion, whether pain or pleasure, wire these in and by using rapid methods of NLP we can review old unconscious “learnings” “beliefs ” “habits” and update them.
Most of the work is eyes open and speeds things up. with some clients we will use some elements of traditional hypnotherapy.
We serve English speaking clients globally.
From Canada, USA, UK, Spain, and Arabic States.

What if ?

What if you do this breakthrough and are able to be, do, or have what you want?

What does that mean to you?
What more could you achieve in other areas of life if you achieve this?


We carefully check your “why”! 
Because not everyone is suitable for the breakthrough session. 
Once you start the process, providing you follow our guidance you will get those specific results.

If we believe you are not ready or suitable for the breakthrough, we will offer another way to work together. 

If the fee is above your range we can look at other ways of working together to get you where you want to go.

If you do nothing, nothing will change. But only you will know if it is time for you now.



Our work is very private and confidential. Some clients prefer to have no public testimonial, Some are happy with a brief outline. Many thank us by inviting others to our services.

Testimonials given with permission from clients usually cover the simple outline of how we have helped them and how they have improved.



If you are serious about making key changes
Book a discovery call online now.
Usually its between 30 to 60 minutes.

Our Therapists have never been any of these:

  • CEO of a multi-million Teaching company
  • Gaming Company Head of Training
  • Luxury Hotel Complex Developer
  • Global Telecoms Entrepreneur
  • UK Police commissioner
  • Luxury Property Agent
  • Emergency Ward Doctor
  • Manager of 1000’s of employees
  • TV presenter
  • Restaurant Chain Head Chef
  • Head of fundraising for a regional charity
  • Divisional trainer of a UK Bank
  • Head Coach of an Olympic Sports team

But we have been a successful coach to these people. With 25 years of results and experience, we can help you to learn and adapt, to be, have or do what you choose to create.

It all starts with Hello!

I can answer your questions.
Select a time and day from our Calendar
Or you can read more details below

Some prefer to discuss this in a personal meeting,

We can arrange that on a call or by email.


Why invest in a 2 day Breakthrough Session?

Do you feel....

  • Stuck with no options ?
  • Anxious, fearful, stressed out ?
  • Things are not working out ?
  • Overwhelmed by guilt or sadness ?
  • Unfulfilled ?
  • Unable to balance emotions ?
  • Everything will fail ?

Have you felT....

  • Like your going in circles ?
  • Lost in all the options ?
  • Like your going in circles ?
  • As if you sabotage yourself ?
  • Unable to forgive and let anger go ?
  • Your behaviour is not helping ?
  • Unable to change negative habits ?
  • Emotional baggage slowing you ?

Have you FOUND....

  • Your career or business is not progressing?
  • Limiting thoughts stopping you ?
  • Change has been very slow ?
  • Life isnt fair or like it should be ?
  • Personal relationships are a chore ?
  • That great idea is still just that ?
  • Your intuition is not what it was ?

Having trouble with your internal thoughts & chatter?

If you are reading this page, then there is a good chance that you feel there is something missing in your life or you are not quite satisfied in all areas of your life. Or you may be thinking something like “Is what I am or what I have now, all I am worth?”

Have you ever found yourself saying these things?

” I’m afraid that it will never change. ”
” I want help but it may not work ”
” I just can’t stop doing it ! ”
” Its my last chance ! ”
” I really want this BUT I don’t know how.”

” I don’t know why I feel this way “
” How do people overcome such problems? “
” I know I could BUT I just can’t. “
” I can’t deal with it now; it’s just too painful “
” I just can’t help myself. “
” I can’t because that will mean….. “

But you know you are better than all that. Aren’t you?

This internal friction frustration or blockage you are experiencing can be a strong sign that your personal values or beliefs are in conflict or do not align with your current situation or aims!

Since many of our values ( the way we see the world ), were literally programmed or wired in, even before we could speak. And many later in life by friends, family and authority figures.

No surprises that we find it difficult to alter that programming or values without a guide.
And that is why it seems hard to change them yourself quickly !

Our values are crucial to almost every decision we make. Few people consciously choose their values. In fact, most people live with values which may not be the best choice for them, and which others have selected for them. The resulting conflict invariably creates blocks to personal happiness and fulfilment.

Examples are:

  • Perfectionism – Overwhelm by needing ALL of it perfect, or trying to control EVERYTHING!
  • Doing for everyone – Burning out through no time for self. 
  • Fear of poverty – Entrepreneur hit the glass ceiling in growth due to early family poverty, became a workaholic depriving their family of a parent.
  • Extreme guilt – Blocking personal and business relationship growth
  • Feeling you are a FRAUD and may be exposed.
  • Executive fear – Fails to make quick decisions or commit fully to business or personal agreements.
  • Lack of honesty with self and others
  • Overflowing anger into work and family life
  • Fear blocking public speaking or intimacy and relationships

What are the common issues?

I'm not being

  • Confident
  • Myself
  • Successful
  • Happy
  • Efficient
  • Fearless
  • Loving & Open
  • Spontaneous
  • Healthy & Fit
  • Calm

I'm not doing

  • Speaking my truth
  • Taking Action
  • Growing business
  • Building Relationship
  • Letting go
  • Exercising
  • Congruent
  • Eating well
  • Enjoying success

I DO not havE Enough

  • Freedom and ME TIME
  • Trust
  • Self worth
  • Vision
  • Control
  • Clarity of thought
  • Results & Progress
  • Focus
  • Motivation
  • Gratitude

Lux Life Coaching IS here to help you review and refocus Your energy

BY looking at your personal values and beliefs and adjusting CORE EMOTIONAL DRIVERS and priorities. they will align and serve you EVEN better.

A Personal Breakthrough Session will dissolve rapidly what prevents you from having, doing, or being what you want. “The Lynch pin”.

Then using all the energy that was trapped in the problem frees it and aligns it with what you want in your future. There may many areas of your life where you are already very successful and may want to improve further, or you may have other areas where you are not as successful as you would like to be.

A Personal Breakthrough session is the opportunity to work on those key areas where you would like to achieve greater success.

Personal Breakthrough Session - Wheel of life

A personal breakthrough session overview


2 Days that CHange your life

Your Personal Breakthrough Session is a very intensive and VERY thorough Coaching over 2 days.

Part one – An initial video call lasting around 2 hours

Part two – An all day session usually around six up to eight hours
(Both parts in a one day session is possible but only after an initial assessment.)

You will have time, privacy, and mental space for reviewing and revising ALL

  • negative emotions
  • personal values
  • limiting beliefs
  • conflicting parts
  • the areas of your life you choose to work on in the context of one or two outcomes.

PART ONE – 2 hours


PART TWO – full day


SESSION FOLLOW UP Beyond the breakthrough session there is action tasking agreed and regular coaching sessions which have been prearranged during part one and part two.  These coaching sessions are by Video Call, or phone.

Personal Breakthrough session – PART 1



First you will get an insight into the modern effective methods used in your breakthrough session. NLP, Time Line Therapy™, and Hypnosis. You will be introduced to our ethics and code of conduct and training certifications held.

This type of coaching and therapy is fast, direct, sustained, outcome focussed.

1st – It is Remedial
Which means clearing the mental baggage!

2nd – Then generative
which is building strategies which produce the improved or adapted behaviour that will work best for you in the context of acheiving your goals.

This is a Complementary therapy and we are not medical practitioners, psychologists, or psychiatrists.



Discovery is where we help you tailor the outcomes you decide to focus on, and particular problems or areas you want specific improvement in.

Whether this is improving success in relationships, business, habits, motivation, feeling connected, vanquishing and integrating negative energy, emotions or beliefs.


You will be given a few simple yet powerful questions to complete.
This will give us a clearer understanding of how your current situation and attitudes are formed.
Also what you want in your life, and what you want more of, or to let go of.




That means it requires your ACTIVE participation. You will be given tasks to do before and after the breakthrough session that form part of the process and must be completed.

PERSONAL Breakthrough session – PART 2



When we said this is intensive. IT IS.

By taking a detailed personal history, patterns emerge and it will become even more clear to you how your problematic areas have held you back from being all you can be.

Many people begin to see repeating patterns or strands that have common elements in their life, where they were not obvious before.



Its surprising that many of our problems come from a root cause.

Some call this “the lynch pin”. Which holds the problem in place.

Supporting this are conflicting values, limiting beliefs or decisions and negative emotions attached to memories.

Using NLP, Time Line Therapy™, and Hypnosis. A lifetime of misconceptions and erroneous, false, or unhelpful perceptions can be reviewed and energy released in a few hours.

  • Your Values aligned
  • Conflicting Parts integrated
  • Limiting Decisions / Beliefs updated
  • Negative Emotions transformed back into pure creative energy

Where before there were BLOCKS and energy conflicts.
This integrated energy makes possible “CREATING YOUR FUTURE”


CREATING your Future


This part is the most fun. As its not just thinking about your future, its literally wiring it into your neurology using  the same methods we used to dismantle the OLD STORY.

Creating a future you connect to and take action towards it with more choice and flexibility to adapt as you go.

Designing your compelling future

  • Create a Compelling future
  • Toward positive goals
  • Remain on Purpose
  • Empowered by aligned personal values
  • With energy to spare

With tried and tested methods in NLP, Time Line Therapy™, and Hypnosis. 

  • Learn how to place compelling “evidence based goals” into your future
  • Feel motivated and drawn to taking the actions required to reach your goals
  • Learn how to use simple methods to increase your motivation level.
  • Learn how to ease into the most effective state of mind and attitude for every occasion.

AND Beyond – Creating new history

Action with Energy and focus


This is where you fill the space left by the old problem with new history.

With more clarity and focus you will take more effective action, and with agreed regular support from us over the following weeks, you stay on target and fill your life with your designed results.

  • A Solid clear direction
  • You will see more results in the areas we have worked on
  • You will re-energise with your own quality personal feedback
  • You can adapt and adjust direction if needed
  • You will be free to ignore others de-energising you
  • You will enjoy emotional freedom and connection.

Lets Talk

Just select a time and day from my Online diary.

A Lux Personal Breakthrough Session will dissolve the key areas which prevent you from having, doing, being what you want. Then replaces it with what you do want in your future. A personal breakthrough session is geared to help you achieve, overcome, change, that part of your life where you have felt unable to do it yourself.

So perhaps you are ready for the new you,

To start letting go of the things that have held you back in the past?

Then simply contact us today. 

Are you ready to really learn some amazing insights about yourself?

We all need help. Asking for it is a healthy sign.

The Breakthrough sessions can be held by video call worldwide subject to timezone restrictions. Usually GMT +/- 6 hours

Call direct on +34 952490003 and discuss how we can help you.

Or schedule a time online directly.

ABH American Board of NLP & Hypnotherapy certified Master Practitioners

Hypnotherapy, NLP & Time Line Therapy®

Most emotional or behavioural issues can be overcome with NLP ( Neuro Linguistic Programming ), Life coaching, or hypnotherapy .

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