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Ian – Cancer Recovery Support

TM - Cancer recovery support

Written by - Lux Therapy Clinic

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Cancer recovery testimonial.

Ian Is a fellow Hypnotherpist in Austraila recovering from cancer. Four sessions with Sandie Ashing assisted in the therapeutic process by dealing with the negative emotions from the diagnosis, and deep relaxation.


Hi it’s Ian here from the Melbourne NLP hypnosis Center.

In March this year I was diagnosed with colon cancer. Shortly afterwards I had surgery to remove my tumor. In recovery now for some 10 weeks. Fortune there has been no evidence of the cancer spreading to other parts of my body and don’t need any further treatment moving forward apart from just having some regular checkups.

To help me deal though with my diagnosis as well as hasten my recovery, I had four online sessions with Sandy ashing from Lux Therapy Clinic. Sandy being based in Spain and myself residing in Australia. I actually loved every session we had and found the hypnosis processes deeply relaxing and therapeutic. Being a hypnotherapist myself I really appreciated the benefits I received from each session together with the subsequent follow-up hypnosis recordings to continue the therapy between each session.

The topics that we covered included deep rejuvenating relaxation repairing my digestive system to perfect functioning working with negative emotions relating to my diagnosis and recovery. Creating a control room in my mind to manage any health issues that arise as well as creating a bright healthy future. I especially love the use of hypnotic background music with the hypnosis therapy which added an extra powerful Dimension to the therapy taking place all sessions were done in a professional manner punctual and carefully planned and managed.

I always felt in safe hands and well looked after I would thereby highly recommend Sandy’s hypnosis services to anyone with any challenges in their lives especially those involving cancer I found them to be very useful and I’m sure you will too. I still listen to her support recordings to this day upon going to bed and plan to continue doing so well into the future.

Many thanks Sandie!

This video link https://youtu.be/btKBozhqNrc

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