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Are You Ready to Quit Smoking & Vaping Now ???? 

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with Clinical Hypnotherapy

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Your first step is finding out if you’re really ready. 


Is it your time to Quit?
Take the Smoke-Free Readiness Quiz!

The more positive answers you gave the more its perhaps time to get help and resources to support you.  


It all begins with a complimentary assessment with an expert in helping smokers like you quit for good.


We have a number of available free calls each week.

Book 45 minutes with our Quit Smoking expert Sandie Ashing.

( Ex Smoker since 2007 )

Everything starts in the mind:

As clinical hypnotherapists we deal with the mind, which is where the chemical addiction receptors live, where “your nicotine monster” has taken hold.

During your call our specialist will talk you through the technical side of addiction, how it takes hold, and why it can be extremely difficult to deal with on your own.

In a brief outline of our single session Quit Smoking:
We turn off that receptor, banish your “nicotine monster” and restore you to being the non-smoker with a healthy life style, which is what you’re really craving.

We all hate the symptoms that this addiction causes, these are at the tip of the ice-berg, do any of them seem familiar?

Getting Breathless quickly.
Not only when exercising but, sometime just by walking up hill.

Worried about bad stale breath, or those stains on your teeth?
Your dentist can scrape the tar off your teeth, but what about your lungs ?

Maybe you clothes, house, and car stink of stale cigarettes.
But you can’t smell it! Others can. That smell lingers on your hair, and your skin.

Maybe your skin is now looking older than it should?
Some people started smoking to look older, and, as smoking does age the skin then maybe you now look older than you want. Stopping now could help the ageing process slow back down. Your smoke free skin will be looking and feeling healthier in no time.

Perhaps your embarrassed to show teeth when you smile?
I’ve had client who spend a fortune on teeth whitening.

Do you wish you had more energy to play a sport?
Nicotine steals your energy. How much energy do your spend now making sure you have that extra packet or cartridge, just in case?

What about running around with future grandchildren? Are you the role model you would like to be ?

What are friends or colleagues talking about when you nip outside for a cigarette?
It’s no longer cool or trendy to smoke. Does smoking still suit your image?

Has a doctor advised you to stop smoking?
Once you’re over the age of 45 the damage may be beginning to show. However you can help your body to heal and restore your health quicker by stubbing out that last ever cigarette now.

Has your child or grandchild started smoking or vaping?
Because they want to be just like you? You are their role model.

Where did they get access to that cigarette or vape?
Fun Fact: 90% of first cigarettes tried were taken from a packet belonging to a relative.

Or perhaps your watching your waist line, and think you’ll put on weight?

When stopping cold turkey, some people end up snacking or chewing sweets.
It’s not the nicotine they are missing, it’s a sugar craving, Did you know that most cigarettes have sugars added to them?
With the aid of hypnosis we can help you combat nicotine and sugar craving.

If you’re ready to talk more about your reasons for stop smoking
Book a complimentary call with one of our experts:

Quit smoking for women
Women quit smoking

One 3 hour session with us could change your life.

One in 10 smokers are ready to quit now,  are you ready ?

We know that Stopping smoking can be a real challenge without help.

If it’s your time, if you’re really ready to stop smoking the easy way.

Then this is team work.

We don’t have a magic wand, but we do have a way, a step by step system that works.

Step one:

Let’s have that call. Talking is free. Understanding addiction is priceless.

Step two:

You will be asked to make a quit list

Then if we decide your right for the process we will proceed

Step three:

Picking a quit date.

Step four:

Your therapist will begin to set you daily tasks, these are designed to unbalance that “nicotine monster” and to disrupt your neurological network, just enough.

Step five:

On your quit day.

You will spend around 3 hours with our specialist.

A couple of hours will be cognitively re-examining your motivators to quit. Then you will be relaxed down into clinical hypnosis, and your therapist will set to work on your mind.

Step six:

After the session you will be given a hypnotic audio to use, re enforcing all that was done in your session.

Step seven:

We will keep in touch with helpful tips and tricks, to eliminate stress, strengthen lungs and smooth your journey even more.


After having a heart attack I knew it was time to quit smoking and do what I could to make it stick this time. I first went to a psychologist who wanted to move me from one addiction to another, vaping. That made little sense to me. I had read about using hypnosis for smoking cessation (my Mother had done it successfully years ago with a friend of hers) so I explored the few places and people in the area who would provide the service and after that reading and research I found Sandie and I could not have been happier. I do not know the ins and outs of hypnosis, nor do I really understand just how it works, but luckily Sandie does and in a little over 3 hours she took a smoker and made me not only a nonsmoker but one who had minimal to no desire to smoke, something different than all the other times I quit in the past. In the first week I drank a lot of “Cold, clear and crisp water,” Sandie’s substitute for the physical action of smoking. She made it so going to my balcony, something that was a trigger to smoke, was now just going to the balcony without the urge to smoke. I even find the smell of smoke distasteful, something that never happened in the past. Another big concern was weight gain, my cardiologist told me I would gain 6 kilos; they do not know Sandie. I put on 2 kilos that are now off.

I cannot recommend Sandie enough to anyone who has the desire to quit but needs that extra nudge to not only do it but make it easier for it to stick. Knowing she is there if I ever need a booster is of great comfort, she has your back even after you leave.

{Full details withheld for privacy}


Attorney - MARBELLA

Debbie Maclean recommends Lux Hypnotherapy & NLP Clinic:

“I had smoked for over twenty years and with three children and getting older decided that I’d had enough and wanted to stop, for my kids and myself.

Anytime I’d tried to stop before I’d be a mess after three days and so I decided to try Lux Hypnotherapy. I wasn’t sure what to expect but Sandie was very easy to talk with and explained to process clearly.

I have now not had a cigarette since my session with Sandie, two months ago, and although I’m in the early days, I feel stronger and believe in myself. My will power is much more stronger than the habit and my rational mind wins every time when or if I ever think of having a cigarette.

Thank you Sandie for helping me find within myself what I needed to quit this habit.”

Debbie Maclean

Costa del Sol, 26th January 2023

We have a number of available free calls each week.

Book 45 minutes with our Quit Smoking expert Sandie Ashing.

( Ex Smoker since 2007 )