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Iphone Download guide

How to save audio file downloads from shop purchase email link.

For Apple iphone users purchasing audio downloads from our shop

When you purchase an audio file from our shop, there will be a download link in the order conformation email sent.

You have three options to get you audio file from our shop email download link.

1. Using a windows PC / Mac
Access your email and click the download link.
Then sync the file to your iphone with Itunes. As I many iphone users do.

2. Documents 6 – File manager” APP from itunes
Install “Documents 6 – File manager” APP from itunes.
Link to app
in the download email – long press on the download link,
The select the “document” save option to a folder on your iphone

Use Dropbox.com account to store audio file and access it via the app on your iphone.
Dropbox is free to set up. You will need an account. Then go to itunes for the app.


Once you have dropbox app on your phone,
– open the email from us with your order confirmation.
– long press the download link.
– save to dropbox option.
Then access file on dropbox app in your phone AND select option to store as local file.