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This is Poppy
It has been a week since you have helped me with my worry ???? and it has definitely worked , although sometimes I need to use the magic trigger you gave me(????). I have not been crying which is good
Thank you for coming and helping me . ????
P.s hope your show went well ,how many people did you hypnotize?????

Well,Stuart, I think that Poppy’s comment sums up how much you helped us (feel free to use it as a testimonial).

Thank you.

S.J (Sandra Jane – Poppy’s Mum)



Poppy age 10, has had this ( emetophobia )fear of vomit (of herself and others ) for four years since age six. this has caused many unnecessary years of worry and torment from other children and a huge problem for her parents and family. As with many of these type of problems, it is a learned behaviour usually between the ages of 4 and 8 years of age. She was sat next to a child in assembly who vomited, and has had these extreme feeling since then.

Problems resulting from emetophobia – fear of vomit have included crying in the run up to bed, just incase she is sick while sleeping. Also visiting family members requiring a hospital visit was terrible for her.

In one session it has now dropped below the 10+ out of 10 on the fear and worry scale to a comfortable level similar to most other children. And no more bed time tears!

NOTE: These testimonials are posted with the permission of the parent or client with the intent of helping others know help is available.


Over 6 months after the initial session and her mum reports she is still free from the old problem.



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September 3, 2015