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Katie had an extreme phobia of birds. She has tried traditional hypnosis without success. Stuart Ashing helps her to be free of this phobia live on air in under 20 minutes using the “NLP Fast PHOBIA CURE” bird phobia treatment.

mary harboeStuart Ashing Hypnotist with Mary Harboe at a live outside broadcast from Los Monteros Hotel Marbella.


Part one

In the audio above we discuss her bird phobia and how it has impacted her quality of life. Holidays and just eating out alfresco in spain, all have been a nightmare for Katie. not just the “feeling like an idiot” waving away birds, but the panic and seating that come with it is horrible. She has tried regular hypnosis without success, so how is this bird phobia treatment different?

One, its eyes open. So you can feel safe and aware of what is going on.

Two you don’t need to learn how to be hypnotised!

Three, its very quick. you don’t usually need additional sessions.

Bird phobia gone - Mary Harboe ShowPart two

We discusses the results! Weird that moments ago Katie would have ran or been panicking looking for an escape route. And now we have a small bird hopped onto the table we sit around, and she feels calm, and puzzled why she is not getting the old feelings. Bizzare yes? But true.

Please note this was an outside broadcast and we were surrounded by pagodas and plants with many birds flying around

(NLP = Neuro Linguistic Programming)

PS. I’ve had a haircut and lost weight since this broadcast!!