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Your Slimmer you


Weight loss Hypnosis Audio – MP3 download
Recorded by: Sandie Ashing

Imagine how you could be:

  • By changing your relationship with food!
  • Becoming more confident and the shape you choose!
  • Looking forward to exercising!
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Your Slimmer You – A weight loss hypnosis audio – MP3 download

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Imagine having that light bounce back in your step. Looking better and hearing how you breathe easier when out and about.
Feeling free to eat in the way that would cause you have a lifestyle for life. To feel like de ja vu.
We’ve all had it I’m sure that feeling you get when you say to yourself, it just seems like it was always that way to be slim like this now!

Thats the way most feel when they just wake up to the possibilities after listening to this weight loss hypnosis audio.

3 tracks

Audio 1. Introduction and explanation hypnosis   ( 6 mins )
Audio 2. Hypnotherapy for daytime  ( 42 mins )
Audio 3. Hypnotherapy for night.  ( 42 mins )

If you’ve tried & failed to lose weight endless times before, it’s not your conscious mind, it’s your subconscious that’s to blame.
You may consciously feel fed up with belly fat & wobbly thighs but your subconscious may have other ideas you know nothing about. An out-of-control subconscious can undermine your efforts to lose weight, causing you to overeat, snack, cheat on your diet and skip the gym, then not only do you gain the weight back, but you may even pack on a few more kg’s on top of what was there before !!!

This hypnosis audio will train your subconscious to choose the healthy option for you, making you more mindful of what and how much you’re eating, motivating you towards more frequent exercise and healthier life choices. Using hypnotic visualization you will soon become and easily stay………”your slimmer you.”
With day and night time recordings to support you around the clock, you can easily find the time to fit hypnosis into your lifestyle. Thousands of people have already lost weight through mindful eating using this same programme and now you can try it in your own time in your own home.

Weight loss hypnosis audio
Recorded by Sandie Ashing, Clinical Hypnotherapist.

Disclaimer: Everyone is unique and results do vary from person to person. A personal session would give you hypnotherapy tailored to your exact needs.


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