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Quit Smoking


Quit Smoking – Hypnosis Audio – MP3 download
Recorded by: Sandie Ashing

Imagine how you could be:

  • Smelling better!
  • Breathing better!
  • Living longer!
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Quit Smoking – A hypnosis audio – MP3 download
Recorded by: Sandie Ashing

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Audio 1. Introduction and explanation of hypnosis
Audio 2. Stop Smoking for daytime
Audio 3. Stop Smoking for night.  ( Same as the day time, but allows you to drift off into a natural night’s sleep )

It’s simple, just relax and listen to a one of the audio tracks once every day, you will be guided into self-hypnosis & your subconscious will do the rest
Unlike nicotine replacement therapy and prescription drugs, hypnotherapy helps you quit without any side effects
With day and night time recordings, to support you around the clock, you can easily find the time to fit hypnosis into your lifestyle.
Thousands of people have already quit smoking using this same program, and now you can try it in your own time in your own home. For best results use audio 2 or 3 daily for a minimum 30 consecutive days

Disclaimer: Please remember that everybody is different; therefore results & response times do vary from person to person.
We offer a wide range of self-hypnosis recordings on a variety of topics; however we cannot offer solutions for every potential issue or deeper rooted problem. If you need something that is more specific to your needs then the best solution may be to visit a professional clinical hypnotherapist in person.

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