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Relax & Renew your calm Confidence.


– Hypnosis Audio MP3 download

Imagine how you could:

  • Let go of stress and anxiety
  • Place all your energy on success and peace
  • Collect and focus all your best attributes!
  • Access a new powerful you!
  • Feel more free to be all you can be!
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Relax & Renew your calm confidence – Hypnosis Audio – MP3 download – 40 minutes

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This title is the next level, a much deeper level than “Instant trance training”.

40 minutes where you meet the next version of yourself
OR the way you knew you were with solid confidence
A guide for you to collect your best resources.
While demolishing stress patterns.
Gathers all of your strengths, creativity, determination, and freedom to choose.
Magnifying and integrating them at a deep unconscious level.
Freeing you from all hesitation, conflict and self doubt to become
the best possible you.

This is one of the range of key audios I offer clients after the first visit.

We also use this personally when we need a boost in decision making and taking the next big step!

Disclaimer: Everyone is unique and results do vary from person to person.

If you have powerful emotional issues I suggest you have personal sessions, either at our clinic in Marbella or by Zoom video.
Each tailored to your exact needs.