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Quit Smoking Free Audio

Free quit smoking audio

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Jan 2, 2023

Our quit smoking free audio can help you have your last cigarette ever.

How does the quit smoking free audio help ?
.. all you have to do is relax and listen once a day, if you’re ready to move forward into a healthy new you, we want to support you.

So to help ease your journey we are keeping this quit smoking FREE audio  link open throughout January.


By listening every day for a month as well as following our top tips from this post you may find it has a very powerful effect on your smoking habits, and you could begin February as a non-smoker.
So if you haven’t been able to quit smoking before, that doesn’t mean you won’t be able to do it now! And if you COULD stop smoking easily and without cravings Why wouldn’t you break out of that habit into a fresher, cleaner, healthier YOU .

If you want tailored support we are here when you are ready to start stopping

OR visit the NHS UK Website for more resources

Quitting Smoking Tips

If you have made a great decision to give up smoking. Here are some tips to help you succeed.

Once you have picked your quit date, remember to add it to your calendar.

  • List your reasons to quit.
  • Tell people you’re quitting.
  • If you have tried to quit before, remember what worked.
  • Use stop smoking aids.
  • Have a plan if you are tempted to smoke.
  • List your smoking triggers and how to avoid them.
  • Keep cravings at bay by keeping busy.
  • Exercise away the urge.
  • Join the Facebook page for support and advice.

Good luck. Throw away all your cigarettes before you start stopping. Remember, there is never “just 1 cigarette”. You can do it!

Only 2% make it through cold turkey. So get support

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