LUX - Life coaching services

Focus on yourself and your future first.
If you want to change your world, you must begin with yourself.
Life Coaching for busy professionals

In person or online


A confidential Life Coach speeds Personal Development

Do you have something you want to be, have or do in your life?
What would you commit to, if you knew you would succeed ?
Maybe you want to invest in …

  • Improving your health & energy
  • Peace of mind
  • Relationships & Love
  • Work & personal productivity
  • Career Satisfaction
  • Improve your financial wealth / net worth
  • Leadership & Contribution to Society
  • Widen or deepen your Social life
  • Or something else ?

Reveal what magic you can work with your life and your future!

Over a few sessions, or a few months for those bigger challenges.

In a safe confidential space for you to reflect and learn.

We help you to arrive at your own solutions by asking powerful questions.

Solutions that are confidently actionable by you.

Solutions that allow you to have sustainable change and progress.

Dependending on your availablity and investment, you can work with us in these ways:

1 to 1 PERSONAL – A Marbella area location, our clinic or your home. 
WE TRAVEL – To your location globally, at your convenience
ONLINE VIDEO MEETINGS – Free you from the hustle of travel time!

A Curious you!

The routines we have sometimes cause us to lose the spark of curiosity and willingnes to explore our options.
Many have felt this as the rut-ine or frustration, or dramas about feeling the world is not giving you what you want

A Confident you!

Perhaps your confidence is being ground down by situations that seem outside your control. The feeling that there is something not fulfilling in life. Yet there probably was a time when it felt natural being free.

A Couragous you!

Life can involve some degree of risk to see what opportunities are just around the corner waiting for you to discover them.
Life coaching helps you to chunk the risk versus the reward without drifting in to overwhelm, or out of control.

Irresistable Freedom

What freedom could you have, if you knew you could succeed? 

Applying all your curiosity with a confidential life coach is liberating.
Reviewing habits or old beliefs you thought could never change, can do just that far faster with an experienced guide.


No matter what you’d like to have, change or achieve, the secrets to success are the same…

#1 Get crystal clear

Life coaching asks you powerful questions revealing what you really want. AND WHY ! The more clear you are on what you want to have in your life, the more likely you are to achieve it.

#2 Get perspective

Most people are struggling with a problem that needs another way of looking at it to solve it. An outside perspective brings more options. Or learning how to change to a better mindset.

#3 Get CONFIDENTIAL support

Very few people (if any) achieve anything great alone. Sports stars have teammates and coaches. 
When you can have more choice. Magic happens!

If you want to speed up your rate of personal growth, success, and fulfillment.
Then I’d like to help you begin. With a free one-on-one personal life coaching video call, 
where you can discuss how we could work together on creating just that.

Some decide its not for them, or may not match their style, and thats OK.

Some prefer to have the first discovery meeting in person, and that can also be arranged

After the initial discovery call..?

Some decide to kickstart the whole process with a 2 day breakthrough in person followed by a series of 1to1 online life coaching sessions or meeting in person over a few months or a year.

Discover our 2 day Breakthrough process

What it is, how it works, guaranteed!

Some simply do not have the time or the perhaps the budget for this intensive investment in themsleves. 

So they have the free initial coaching session online in a video call or by phone. Then they decide from there the desired level of personal change, investment, and frequency of the next steps.

Perhaps we are not a good fit, perhaps we are!

Only you will know if you are curious enough to discover how this may work to your advantage.

LUX – LIfe coaching online is an option chosen by many of our clients who are english speaking busy professionals, in the USA, United Kingdom, and Europe.

Confidentiality is a priority for our clients specific circumstances, however many are happy to give a simple testimonial that we have assisted them in radically improving their situation.

Start with saying hello?

Check our online diary to book a call

Certified by the ABH American Board of  Hypnotherapy, NLP & Time Line Therapy®

Most emotional or behavioural problems can be overcome with hypnotherapy, NLP, or life coaching. Mental health is now a priority in most familes and business than ever before in history.
Because having guidance, clarity, and less grind in life, reduces the need for intensive help later on.
Like maintaining you cars safety for self and other.


The most frequent requests we have are listed first:

  • Personal and business coaching
  • Anxiety Depression & Stress management
  • Addictions – Obsessions – Compulsions
  • Phobias: Flying – Dentists – Surgery – Public speaking etc
  • Obsessive Compulsive Disorder O.C.D.
  • Weight adjustment
Our clients enjoy knowing we are here as a resource for whatever life throw at them. Whether its just a quick question by email or a phone call to ask how to deal with urgent issues. Life coach support for their families and friends. 

A regular source of inspirational interviews in Marbella and international media