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Lose lbs & kilos rapidly with your own Hypnotic Gastric Band.

Forget the knife. Let your body and mind be guided into a new you.

Usually for those with a BMI of over 30, the “Hypno Gastric Band” is about redefining your relationship with food. Are you tired of the diets you wear for a while like a funny hat and then when you take it off, put the weight back on?

Whats your BMI?

Body mass index (BMI) is a measure of body fat based on height and weight that applies to adult men and women.

Our mission is to help our clients lose weight, zero fad diets, all natural, and permanently keep the weight loss. We help with food and eating issues. Discover the new inner you.

Here are some case studies of the results :

** 3 months later, lighter by 2 stones **

Maria - hypno gastric band resultsMagnificent Maria Burkill has lost the mental as well as physical baggage, which then makes you feel really light and uplifted.


A burden GONE! Naturally we cant divulge personal issues. What I can say is Hypno Gastric Band – Easy Weight Loss is about reviewing causes of emotional eating. For some this is a key area other purely nutritional based weight loss products do not cater to. A healthy attitude and a healthy body.

As you may know stress is the prime cause of fat retention, and emotional eating. MOre importantly causes weakening of the immune system and premature aging of the skin especially the face.
So a balanced diet with a calm mind, provides the skin and body the tools to rebuild and renew. As you can see by the picture it speaks for itself. (photos by permission of Maria) — in Alhaurín de la Torre, Malaga.

** 18 months later, lighter by 7 stones **

Adrian - Hypno Gastric BandAdrian decided he wanted three things.

One, feeling more confident

Two, Adrian was prevented from having knee surgery, as this was only possible according to his doctor IF he lost a significant part of 7 stone!

Three, he wanted to have a child.


The “Hypno Gastric Band”, has helped Adrian to regain control over his weight and his lifestyle. A whole new approach to his relationship with food. And a new approach to how he sees himself and his world.

The first steps were obvious. Switch pop and other high calorific items for full flavour foods and drinks. The second emotional part was trickier. Many clients have past emotional events which repeatedly trigger comfort eating, and Adrian was a prime example of this. Once the emotional and dietary issues were resolved, it was only a question of time. Eighteen months to lose seven stone!

Regular followups and support is given to assist clients to stay on track. Some need more support than others.

UPDATE: Since Adrian has lost an amazing quantity of weight. He has gained a new girlfriend who he has since married, AND they have just had a baby. AND he is now in full employment doing a job he loves. Wow.


How does a real surgical gastric band work, and how does this differ from the “Hypno Gastric Band” ? 

The placement of the surgical band creates a small pouch at the top of the stomach. This pouch holds approximately 1 cup of food, whereas the typical stomach holds about 6 cups of food. The pouch fills with food quickly, and the band slows the passage of food from the pouch to the lower part of the stomach. As the upper part of the stomach registers as full, the message to the brain is that the entire stomach is full, and this sensation helps the person to be hungry less often, feel full more quickly and for a longer period of time, eat smaller portions, and lose weight over time.

No painful surgery involved at all, and hence zero risk of any complications.

Over one or two personal sessions you will have a Hypno Gastric Band installed deep in your subconscious mind through hypnosis and suggestion.

From this your mind will “know” when it has reach its new capacity for food and give you the classic signs of feeling full. One cup full!

Serving the Coast Del Sol area & the UK with one to one sessions.

So how much is it ?
If someone told you a “surgical” gastric band would cost you between €5000 and €7000 ! You then have the trauma of surgery. Would you still want one ?

The Hypnotic Gastric band will cost you a lot less than this.
You could have yours at HALF THE COST of surgery!

How much is it worth to you to look in the mirror and see the you that you have always wanted, How much is it worth as a woman to be turning the heads on the beach, and hear someone whisper “Skinny bitch” to their friends ? How much is your good health and possibly a few more years of quality life worth ?

If I could wave a magic wand, and you would lose weight, quickly, easily and healthy for ever, still eating all the things you love, nothing out of bounds, what impact would that have upon your life ? family ? health ?
What is your happiness worth to you ?
If you signed up to a slimming club, paid a weekly fee of around 10/15 euros a week, how long would you need to attend this for ? 6 months ? 12 months ?

We’ve all seen the TV ad’s for slimming clubs or meals being delivered.

Our contact details are below, call us now to discuss this, or send a private message.

After an initial phone chat with Stuart Ashing, this is what happens next:

We need to see whether you are suitable for the band, not everyone is, we need to know the current capacity of your stomach. How do we do this ?

We must have from you a complete 7 day honest food diary. This can be in written form (emails) or using a computer application we can provide you.

The diary will include everything, even glass’s of water. Approximate weights and sizes of portions, and times that they are eaten. Each day you need to note your mood for that day, sleep quality that night, whether it was peaceful or
not enough, hours of sleep, any exercise, ie swimming walking or what ever.how long this was for and how active it was.

At the start and end of the 7 day diary, we require body measurements in inches of your, neck, upper arm, fore arm, wrist, bust, waist, hips, thigh & calf.
Then we get an accurate print out of your height, weight, blood pressure and body fat count from the accurate scales . A chemist normally has a machine that does all the above.

At the end of your 7 days please repeat the weight & body measurements.

Within 3 days of this completed diary task, you will be booked in to have your appointment.
But please remember Not everyone is suitable for the “Hypno Gastric Band”, your food diary may indicate that something other than the band would be a key to your personal weight loss, if this is the case you will be offered another hypnotic alternative. Please set aside a minimum of 6 hours as this is a very large undertaking and any or all your emotional eating habits need to be addressed first.

After the band is fitted you are asked to continue with your diary into a computer / phone application that we will give you, this is to ensure you are not under eating!
Once a week you are asked to check in with your weights and measurements. You will receive ongoing support from our team, and Stuart will be on hand for any adjustments if needed. Once you reach your goal weight you will speak to Stuart again, and he will advise you of the leveling out and staying slim trigger applied in your session.

So that’s it! Not a magic wand and walk away, but a magic wand and on going lessons on how to use it.

So what is the cost? Much less than the pain and health risks of gastric surgery.

If someone told you a “surgical” gastric band would cost you between €5000 and €7000 !

You then have the trauma of surgery, and recovery. Would you still want one ?

The Hypnotic Gastric band will cost you a lot less than this.
You could have yours at HALF THE COST of surgery!


The important questions are

  • Do you want to explore your options?
  • Have you tried most other options apart from surgery?
  • Are you aware that its something more than just diet that needs to change?

Speak to us in a confidential phone call.


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