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What a great way and a great place to just let things go?

Sometimes we can get a little bit into ourselves and a little bit overwhelmed. And one of the little things I like to do is a thing called three three three.

So to do this, You can do this anywhere, dude, in your garden, when you call, sit and drinking coffee.

Just take a moment and look at one thing, one thing around you, look at it without judgement.

Just look at it for not for what it is, what its purpose is. For example, I’m gonna look at this.

And I’m gonna look at the colors that are within this, the sunlight is reflecting off this orange.

The movement of the water ripple is reflecting here on the metal.

And normally I would do this for a minute.

And then I would take my focus to something else, maybe a shiny crystal that’s hanging up here. I know you can’t see it, but what I want you to do is do this to three different objects around you. So I would take my focus and I would look at the the colors, the depth.

If it’s moving, Perhaps I’ll be looking at the leaf on the tree, and maybe it’s just moving in the breeze.

And when I’ve done that three times, I would shift into three things that I can hear.

So at the moment, I can just hear a gentle rumble of traffic.

And the more I listened to it, my notice that it’s not constant.

It’s moving. It’s getting quieter and quieter as it goes further away.

And the tone of it is slightly different.

And after a minute, let me shift your focus to something else you can hear now.

I can hear birds.

We had birds tweeting in the trees.

Plying overhead. Oh, hello. I can shift that focus again to a third thing I can hear.

Very distant. Very distant was a cocktail crowing.

I’ve spoke with all of my attention for a moment to where that sound came from.

So you can get this calm down. The third thing that we do is what can you feel?

What can you feel either on the inside, on the outside of your body?

Now I can feel the coolness of this edge on my backside.

It’s not unpleasant.

It’s just cool.

I’m quite hard.

But I will feel it without judgement. I’ll just feel the coolness on that part of my body is cooler than any other part.

And I would focus on that for about a minute.

And then I’ll shift to something else that I can feel I can feel the sun here warming my shoulder and this arm, I can feel the heat which is very different to the coolness.

I’d focus on that heat. It’s a pleasant heat. It’s not a burning heat. It’s just nice. And makes my skin warm and my skin tingle.

And then just let myself feel that for a moment. Just for a minute.

And then you can shift to something else you can feel on the outside, but I want to just shift to something I can feel on the inside because I feel a calmness.

A calmness all the way across my chest through a whole you just a calmness of inner calm.

And this is one of the feelings you can get. When you do this little exercise.

Three, three, three, three things you can see.

Three things you can hear.

How do you feel the inside or the outside?

And it just helps to take away any stress for those few moments.

Enjoy it.


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Thats all three videos.

I hope you enjoyed getting some calmness from them.

The more you use these methods it can become an automatic habit.
Usually within 30 days.

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