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Happy New Year! Happy New You from Lux

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Dec 31, 2022

I hope you had a great Christmas, we had a quiet one, however that’s not a bad thing. It has given us time to reflect and restore energy levels.
We wanted to touch base with you just “before” you make this year’s resolutions of change.
To help you boost your dreams, goals, wishes and desires.
We have produced an Active Walking Hypnosis audio for you to quicken your goals, and help make 2023 your best year ever.
Our walking hypnosis is an eyes open walking meditation to relax and be active in planning your future.
Pick a route where you can walk easily and gently and listen while you walk for 30 minutes. Use head/ear phones.
Do not use this audio while doing things that need your full awareness like driving.
Happy New Year from Lux
We hope you enjoy, and feel free to share the link with friends, it will be available until the end of January.
Best wishes to you and yours
Sandie, Stuart and the team at LUX

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  1. Sandie

    How are you all doing ? Have you set new work goals or perhaps life goals ? I used my audio myself 3 times since January, for different types of goal sets, and I must say it gets my mind racing with ideas.


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