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Stuart Ashing

Stuart Ashing

Director - Master Practitioner NLP Hyp TLT

Stuart Ashing founder of Lux Therapy clinic has been in his profession almost 25 years since opening his first practice in the United Kingdom.

Master Practitioner in:

  • Neuro Linguistic Programming
  • Hypnotherapy
  • Time Line Therapy®

Life coaching

Also Certified by the PGA to coach Golfers with NLP Hypnosis and Time Line Therapy®


Time Line Therapy

Many ask how did I start and become a Life Coach and Hypnotherapist ?

I have always been curious about the mind, and “reality“. A friend asked me once, “Do we all see an orange the same way everyone else does?”
How do we know for sure? The truth is we all experience the world in our own unique way!

Over the years I have become an expert in exploring this internal map we all have. Helping myself and others deal with de-energising internal boundaries and limitations, exploring freedom, personal energy, and possibility.

Here is some of my story.

From as early as I remember, about eight or nine I was reading the books my father had been gifted by his Company. Books which were part of his training and personal development as regional manager. These books were an early yet fundamental form of self help / Life coaching and personal development for managers and business owners at that time. Many titles are best sellers even today!

Discoveries of life

From my early career which took me all over the UK, and meeting people from all walks of life, I gained a wide experience of how people react to life, including me, and my ideas!

CHANGE THE QUESTION – Change you life and possibly a career

The huge awakening happened when I changed the question from “What can I do when this is all I know?” to “What do I enjoy”

The chance encounter with a book on self hypnosis and later a hypnosis mentor, brought clarity and an unmistakable direction to my life. In early 1989 I realised that I would study my first love and related subjects. People, Psychology, hypnosis, and performing arts. And in September 1989 brought about a drastic change of lifestyle at 28, and began a Performing arts course with the intention of becoming a stunt man! (That’s another story) 

This led to some minor roles in major movies and TV programmes. 

With these skills I developed hypnosis and presented my first public event in my home town in 1990.

Change can be easy

Since 1990 I have used Hypnosis and Neuro Linguistic Programming, assisting business’s and individuals to find release from their self-imposed, self-limiting beliefs and behaviours.

This career has opened the world for me. Working with hypnosis and NLP in most European, and Far-East countries including Goa India.

In live events, over 1 million people have seen me hypnotise over 60,000 joyful individuals. Of those 1 million people, most would say I am very down to earth guy, and the material is right on the mark and easy to enjoy and learn what hypnosis and other mind tools like NLP can offer.

Landmark Appearances include, “London City Airport” – Docklands, to over 5000 members of the public, a UK theatre tour, and the major UK Universities, including Cambridge Universities.

I am very meticulous in the pursuit of what causes change in personal and business achievement yet present deep insights in such a light comedic way that anyone can “get it”, and the blending of deep authenticity and presence engages the creative thoughts of those who chose to seek help in life coaching, hypnotherapy or attend my demonstrations or events.

2005 was a turning point in my life and those around me. My wife and I decided to move our family to the Marbella area in Spain and put our roots down in this beautiful country. I work in English and also some Spanish.

I also found I was jogging along, and felt stagnated. So I re-studied most of my favourite books and materials on hypnosis to come up with some powerful insights. I applied everything I learned and began a re-engagement. Dedicated fully to assisting individuals and business to get what they want and deserve. Financially, emotionally, Physically, and spiritually.

Milestones include:

  • 1996 UK University tours including Cambridge
  • 1996 Hypnosis advanced training with Ormond McGill – Regents College London
  • 2003 UK College and theatre tour
  • 2005 Moved my Family to Costa del Sol Spain
  • 2005 Practitioner Training – NLP Hypnosis & Timeline Therapy
  • 2009 Coaching Training.
  • 2014 MTV Appearance UK Europe and Australia.
  • 2014 Media appearances for regular interviews about mind and motivation.
  • 2016 Master Practitioner Training – NLP Hypnosis & Timeline Therapy plus my first fire-walk!
  • 2017 Launched Lux Therapy Clinic in Marbella
  • 2018 And beyond. Watch this space!

With my sense of humour, skills in coaching, hypnotherapy, NLP, theatre, and with love, its going to be a fun year and beyond for everyone involved with Lux Therapy Clinic.


Stuart Ashing