David Beckham’s own story, using hypnosis. behavioral therapy and visualization techniques to overcome his repetitive thoughts and daily fears.

David Beckham has been using therapy for his OCD problem.

“This is my routine every Saturday. I get up at 9am, and start with the fridge. I empty it, throwing away most of the food, even if it isn’t past its sell-by date. I take out all the shelves and drawers, which I then wash in hot, soapy water using a new J-Cloth (I have never knowingly used one twice)”.

“when I started therapy, I was relieved to find that my repetitive
thoughts are common. I have been learning to break my thought patterns. If I am in what is known as a “downward spiral”, I have learned to stop myself. I now keep a notepad by my bed to write down my stupid lists of things to do, rather than recite them endlessly in my head.”